What do you pay for?

Diagnostic Service Call Fee is only charged if no repair takes place.

How is the diagnostic service call fee determined?

A typical service call fee is $65. There may be an additional surcharge if you are very far outside of our normal operating area. This fee is included in the repair cost (waived) in the event of a repair.

How is the repair cost determined?

The repair cost is determined by the parts and labor required to complete the repair. Our rates are significantly cheaper than “Blue Book” values, come with a 30-90 day warranty, and are completed using techniques developed using in depth mechanical and electrical understanding of each appliance. When possible, upgraded and updated parts are used to extend the life of the repair beyond the service life of the original part.

Typical Repair Costs

Technicians will show you the “blue book” cost of a repair (what you would pay if you called the 1-800 number printed on your appliance) when possible. We strive to always beat the blue book price by a significant margin. The final cost of a repair will be determined based on the labor required to do a high quality repair and the price and availability of the required parts.

ApplianceMinor Repair CostMajor Repair CostTypical Parts Price
Sometimes, repairs are able to take place without the need for any parts. Other times, service of an external electrical, plumbing, or exhaust system may be required. These services may be included in the repair, charged an additional fee, or referred to another professional depending on the scope of the issue.

At EcoFix we strive to provide top-quality service at a great price.